Senior Cricket Rules

Each team shall consist of no more than eight (8) and no less than six (6) players.

Each player shall bowl two (2) overs. Every batting pair will receive four (4) overs.

If a team is 1 player short - The opposing captain shall choose 2 players to bowl the final 2 overs and also choose 1 batter to bat in the final pair.

If a team is 2 players short -  The opposing captain shall choose 2 players to bowl the final 4 overs and also choose 2 batters to bat in the final pair

An over shall consist of 8 deliveries (wides and no balls included)
In the final over of each innings, no balls and wides will be rebowled upon request of the batter.

No balls and wides are recorded and 2 runs will be added to the score, plus any "net" runs or "physical" runs off that delivery.

Court Layout and scoring values displayed below

All other rules are in full detail on the NSW Indoor Sports website:

The following are local rules that apply to this competition at Castle Hill Indoor Sports:

1. Uniforms are not compulsory (rule 3)
2. Playing Equipment (rule 5) - only 1 glove is required when batting
3. The "third ball rule" in dismissals (rule 17) does not apply.

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