Junior Soccer Rules

It is compulsory for all players to wear shin pads. No shin pads then you cannot play


Consists of:

i) two 13 minute halves, and;
ii) U6 to U14 is played 6 A-Side (substitutes are allowed during the game)
    U15 to U17 is played 5 A-Side (sustitutes are allowed during the game)


The ball must be kicked forward to another player before being played again by the original player.

The ball must be touched by 2 different players before the first yellow line for play to continue otherwise the play will be restarted.

The opposing team must wait behind the first yellow line in their half until the ball has been played


i) Time and play will not be stopped to allow a substitution to take place.
ii) The goalkeeper can only substitute at half time or when a goal is scored.
iii) Court players may substitute at any time or stage of the game except when a penalty kick is being taken.
iv) Substitutions should enter and exit the field of play from their end of the field


A team may borrow a maximum of 3 players from other teams in the competition, with the following 3 conditions:

1. The team then has a maximum of 6 players and is using all of their players available
(which includes the maximum of 3 “fill-in” players)

2. The “fill-in” players are not allowed to score any goals

3. The “fill-in” players must either be, younger or the same age, as the age group of the team they are filling in for.

Rule 4 does not apply to ages 6's and 7's


i) Goals can be scored from anywhere outside the goal keepers area.

(ie. The player and the ball at point of impact must be outside the area)

ii) Goals can only be scored from inside the goal keepers area:

a) by header, or,

b) If the attacker playing the ball is ruled not to be attempting to score a goal, and the ball is deflected by a defender into the goal. (ie. the attacker is attempting to kick the ball out of the goal keepers area)

NB. Ages 6's and 7's are allowed to score from anywhere, including inside the goalkeepers area


i) Must stay within the goal keeper's area.
ii) May handle the ball outside the area provided both feet are inside goal keeper's area.
iii) Must release the ball within 5-seconds of gaining control (with the hands) of it.
iv) May throw the ball anywhere on the field.
v) Is not allowed to kick the ball past halfway on the full.
vi) Can only substitute at half time or when a goal is scored.
vii) Will restart play if the ball comes to rest on the roof of the goal.

If rule 5 is infringed (except for iv, v and vii) then an indirect free kick will be awarded just outside the goal keeper's area closest to the postion of the infringement.

7. BACK PASS RULE (Not applicable for 6's & 7's)

i) The goal keeper can pick up the ball if it has been passed back to him/her from a team mate via a body part above the waist (ie. head, chest or stomach.)

ii) The goalkeeper can not pick up the ball when it has been deliberately passed back to him/her via a body part below the waist ie thigh, shin or foot.

If rule 6 is infringed then an indirect free kick will be awarded from the outside edge of the goal keeper's area closest to where the infringement occurred.


A free kick will be awarded if in the opinion of the referee a player:

- Kicks/Trips or attempts to kick/trip an opponent

- Jumps/Charges at an opponent

- Pushes or holds an opponent

- Spits at an opponent

- Any slide tackling

- Handles the ball deliberately (except for the keeper in the penalty box)

- Impedes the progress of an opponent when the ball is not being played

- By using their hands to prevent the goalkeeper from releasing the ball

- Grabs the net for an extended period of time

- Traps the ball against the net for an extended period of time

- Tries to play the ball from behind or through the legs of an opponent

- Deliberate time-wasting

i) All free kicks outside the goal keeper's area are indirect and must be taken within 5 seconds of the ball being placed. All opposing players must be no closer than 2 metres from the free kick

ii) All free kicks inside the opposing goalkeeper's area are penalty kicks and are direct, and are to be taken from the penalty spot.

NB: The exceptions to rule 7 ii) are any infringement from rule 5 and also any "high feet" (ie. dangerous play) in the goalkeeper's area. These will be an indirect free kick from outside the goalkeeper's area closest to where the infringement occurred


i) When a penalty kick is awarded, only the opposing goalkeeper may attempt to stop a goal being scored and must stand on the goal line.

If the goal keeper infringes and a goal is scored then the goal will stand. If a goal is not scored then the penalty kick will be retaken

ii) The player who is taking the penalty kick is not allowed to step behind the yellow line and not take more than 2 steps in the "run up"

If the player infringes and no goal is scored then play will continue. If a goal is scored then the goal will not count and the penalty kick will be retaken

If both the keeper and the player infringe then the penalty kick will be retaken


A player will be cautioned and shown the yellow card if any of the following offences are committed:

- Shows dissent by word or action to the referee or an opponent

- Is guilty of unsporting behaviour

- Persistently infringes the rules

A player will sent off and shown the red card if any of the following offences are committed:

- Is guilty of serious foul play

- Is guilty of violent conduct

- Spits at an opponent or referee

- Receives a second yellow card in the same game

A player that receives a Red Card will receive an automatic 1 game suspension (this may be extended depending on the offence)

A player that receives 3 yellow cards (all in separate games) within a season will receive an automatic 1 game suspension.


Castle Hill Indoor Sports promotes all competitions to be played in a fun and social manner. Therefore we will not accept any abusive or negative attitudes towards any officials or players that play in our competitions. This applies to all players and spectators.

Any incidents that do occur will be dealt with by management


i) Long nails must be cut or taped.
ii) Jewellery, watches and other "dangly" items are not to be worn.
iii) Caps are not to be worn

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