Junior Netball Rules

No jewellery shall be worn with the exception of a medical bracelet, which must be taped to the satisfaction of the umpire. Nose and eyebrow piercing must be taped with strapping tape.

Fingernails must be cut short to the satisfaction of the Umpire.

A player must be stopped if the umpire notices or is made aware of any player who is bleeding. The player MUST leave the court immediately to be treated. Before play can recommence the Umpire must ensure there is no blood on the ball, the court or any other player.

A player may take the ball from an offside area or lean on the ball to gain balance, but shall not be deemed offside unless body contact is made with the floor or net in an offside area.

The Side Line, End Line and Ceiling Nets shall form part of the court and the ball shall be in play off any net.

Players may use the nets to direct the ball to another player. They may bounce the ball off any of the Side Nets or the Ceiling Net obeying the 'over the third rule'.

The ball shall be 'live' off all nets. Once a player has released the ball, that player may not touch or regain possession until it is first touched by another player or makes contact with the goal ring.

The centre pass must be directed to a player allowed in the Centre Third. It may not be bounced off the nets or in any circumstances touch any of the nets before being touched by a player.

A player may not deliberately hold the nets or use the nets to 'push off' to gain an adavantage.

A player may not step, land or jump into the nets.

A player may not use the nets to 'pin' a player in such a manner as to prevent movement.

A player may not deliberately hold the ball into the net or push off with the ball to gain an advantage.

A player cannot regain possession of the ball after it has been rebounded from the nets unless it has been touched by another player, or made contact with the goal ring either before or after striking the net.

A ball thrown from the Centre Third that hits the End Net of the Goal Third shall be deemed to be 'over a third' if it is untouched by any player in the Goal Third.

From the End Net free pass the ball must be touched by a player in the Goal Third before entering the Centre Third.

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